you cant control what you dont own


complicated tho'
but yet we are the one who should simplified it.

What's up with the title?

FACT #1 When something/someone or what ever that not yours, you can't do nothing bout it.

didnt get it?

Example : your neighbor didn't switch off his/her radio when they are not in the house.

yes, its totally not environmental friendly, waste of electricity and what not.
BUT, you can't go over their house, break the door, and switch it off.

what you CAN do is, when they come, you can just give them a talk about it.
and, yet the final decision is up to them.

FACT #2 You can't make a decision when you don't have the authority.

Example : You work in a company, and there's a lot of dilly dally going around the office,
bad decisions that lead to complication around the office.

YES, it is not our money nor we will not lose anything. BUT as a responsible workers, you should and need to do something for the company right?

AT THE END, you can only advise, but the final say is from the board of directors, bosses and whoever in charge.

so, yeah.

don't try to change, control or do whatever to something or whatever that not ours.
you just cant.

#a random thought from what happen in reality#

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