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    Ragu - ragu

    "Jadi tak mahu ragu -ragu sayang,
      aku tetap disini"

    This post is not about the lyrics, nor the song.
    It just that, the song was playing while I'm writing this.

    Day after day, passed by...
    and you start to feel insecure, maybe because of overthinking.
    Compared what you have, with what your friends had.
    What they achieved but you didn't.
    How they are married, expecting a birth--
             but you? still unsure about your life.
                                   unsure about the future
    But still, when the times come, it will come.
         don't give up
         and when you feel about to, think why you started.

    "kau hancurkan aku dengan sikapmu; tak sedarkah kau telah menyakitiku"
    yeah, just another song that playing~ hehe

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