Mr Steak House - Review

Mr Steakhouse Review.

Well, its my personal opinion.
I don't know if you guys pernah try tak makan kat sini.

Lokasi dia dekat Bandar Sri Permaisuri.Dataran Dwitasik.
I don't know how to describe more, but dia barisan pertama, deret Old Town semua tu.
So, actually its lunchtime, and maybe customer pun tak ramai lagi since dia bukak 12 - 12,
and cuisine dia, western la. 

Ini, interior dia, so kayu-kayu. Macam kedai cawboy dalam cerita-cerita omputih tu.

Ha, outlet lain pun ada, tengok atas tu list dia. And, and, dia pernah appear in JJCM. Kalau you guys masuk, banyak newspaper cutting yang review this restaurant as well.

The menu pricing, not so bad la. Tak mahal, obviously you went into this kinda restaurant.
Sadly, i am not a fan of Steak, sebab tu just order a chicken chop je.
Well, to be frank, the gravy is okay, fries pun fresh.
Ayam, crispy and soft. Sedap.
But the air, I forgot what I ordered but can be better. 

Out of 5, I shall say... 3.5/5.

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