The Best Children Enrichment Centre - For Science.

Another Science Carnival by Kiddo Science.

Second wave of Science Carnival bring extra fun-ness.

Kiddo Science, is an enrichment centre that provides hands-on lesson and our role are to make learning fun and intriguing for young learners. Learners from age 4-14 years old will be learning various aspects of science that Thematically schedule throughout the year. They will be exposed towards chemistry, physics and biology at early stage.

But don't worry, Kiddo Science separate their students into 3 levels, Introducing, Discovery and Experimental. The students will learn the topic according to their level. 

What so special about Kiddo Science is that, the students are exposed to experiments and they get the chance to experience the full science lab facilities at Kiddo Science Centre. All Kiddo centre are full equipped with science apparatus. 


Besides, they arrange their syllabus and the way of teaching allowed the children having fun while learning science. On top of that, most of the activities are hands-on learning. Which means, what they learn, they will do an experiments that suits the topic.

According to their facebook, one of the centre, which in D'Peak Cheras will have a Science Carnival.
You may refer here : Kiddo Science Cheras for the details.

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