Must Try Restaurant in Jakarta : Merica


Simple name, but jangan tertipu. There's a lot this restaurant can offer.

Here is how my food journey there. 
Biar disimpan untuk next post of my trip to Jakarta, let's focus on this restaurant.

To be frank, I don't have the confidence when we first walked in the restaurant (the only restaurant under the apartment we stay). 
Mulanya, we all just gamble and have a try since baru sampai di Jakarta.

Looking at the menu, wow! There's a lot to offer.
From Indonesian food, Western, Japanese.. you name it. 

4 hari di Jakarta, we went Merica for dinner every day sebab convenience sangat. Tak perlu hadap traffic. 

Kalau boleh, memang nak try every single thing kan.

But I highly recommended this :

Crispy Chicken Mushroom (i guess- since i forgot the name).
and for the drinks, thats a Thai Iced Coffee. 

The chicken is crispy, no doubt bout that. And the sauce... thick and rich with taste.

Next, you should try the burger.

The patty is delicious, cooked well (medium rare), with a bit of sauce. 

Some others recommended are as pictures :

As i forgot the name, im so sorry about that.

Overall, its good. And consider of the portion and taste. Its cheap if to compare to what we have in Malaysia and to be frank, with this food quality, I don't mind if the food are expensive.

p/s : The atmosphere inside are great for picture, but choose the gazebo outside for lepak place. Quite windy and chill out there.

Merica Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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