I wish...

I wish i could be more dedicated to myself..

I wish that i have someone to be with me through my ups and down..

Someone that can sincerely be my buddy or my best friends,
not because of they have nothing or no one to talk to then they come to me...

Wish that i could fulfill everyone's expectation that they want in me..
wish that i never let anyone down b'coz of my fault..

susah nak happy or puaskan semua pihak..
Buat something, bg pihak pertama... BETUL, but orang lain kata SALAH..

Terus terang la.. aril alami hari2 yg best with a person..
Orang ni, die happykan aril..
die buat aril lpe yg aril ngah de problem,
die bg smangat kat aril,
die care kat aril...

Terus terang, although aril x btul2 mengenali die nie..
n ktorang bru je bkwn.. trus terang cakap..

she's the best..
suke sgt berkawan ngan die..
although dlm msg je,
n once prnah jmpe die.. n akan slalu jmpe die lagi..
honestly ckp, BEST sgt bkwn ngan die..

Kawan taw, BUKAN special ones...

Serious la, bila die x msg.. rase something missing..
she brighten up my days..

Haha.. best ar..

Kita x sangka yg someone yg bg kita actualy, biase2 je.. tp..
sebenarnya... die bg impak yg besar pd life kita..

hurm.. hope org tu bace ar kan..
n thnx 4 being there 4 me..

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